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    Airborne Lidar Mapping

Our Service

to provide independent consulting services to its clients and alliance partners in the following fields:

Airborne Lidar Mapping

Lidar uses laser light to measure distance similar to RADAR, but uses light rather than radio waves. The result is the ability to produce accurate, detailed surface models quickly and often at reduced costs over conventional photogrammetric mapping.


We provide our clients with the best information possible, about what is beneath the ground, so they may make informed decisions. This helps keep their job running as efficiently as possible and as safe as possible. Digging up these unseen targets in the ground can be costly and deadly. Service: UNDERGROUND UTILITY SURVEY


Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors. In other words, bathymetry is the underwater equivalent to hypsometry or topography. Our Bathymetric Surveys Team has the resources, capabilities and experience to perform a wide range of marine survey projects. Service: BATHYMETRIC SURVEY


Imajing merges mobile mapping and Geographical Information System technologies with field images in a unique tool chain, enabling transportation infrastructures maintenance, monitoring and management. Service: Imajing


The currently remaining volume versus the planned total volume can be determined with high accuracy. Cut and fill areas of the existing landfill surface can be localized. 3Drenderings in combination with various datasets support internal and external presentations. Service: UAV RAPID MAPPING SERVICES


Offer the best indoor navigation solution and make it available to everyone in order to facilitate people to navigate through buildings. Service: vanillaNAV

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